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Acker: Articles from 
The New Statesman

Kathy Acker  

56 p.  2007 


Acker rewrites texts, layering them against history (not so much plagiarism as rereading).  “Myself or any occurrence is a city through which I can wander,” Acker writes to describe her method.  One of America’s preeminent experimental writers and her books are cult classics.

"Acker's articles, once rallying cries to foreign allies, are now part of a progressive underground history that lays bare the roots of today's artistic and political battles." -- The Review of Contemporary Fiction.

January 11. New York City. The isolatoes of, not the art world, for they have been deadened by money and fame, but those at the peripheries of the art world, weird film directors, and poor comic makers. "Bob" worshippers and neo-neoists are beginning to appear at Max Fish, a combination club-gallery-bar, actually a hole in the Lower East Side. Happiness is beginning.  
-- "Kathy Acker, At The Edge of the New"   January 19, 1990.

According to not-so-recent myth and cliche, New York City is the centre of the American, if not European art world. San Francisco was the original home of the love generation, the hippies, and a few years later, had so large a gay populace that a local magazine, in an attempt to list the gay bars in the city, name every bar outside the havens of businessmen. Today, art in San Franciso, though not in New York City, means the fight agains censorship that the United States government is increasingly succeeding in implementing. -- "Kathy Acker, Sense and Censorship"   July 20, 1990.