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Quarry Books is a series of chapbooks intended to reclaim Vermonters who time has buried less than overlooked. The past may not make itself known to us until we have caught up with it, despite the efforts of the archaeologists and historians. It may take a word, a shout in the street, rustlings of one kind or another - the collisions of deja vu - to bring it back. The already-heard, as it were, that reaches us like an echo.


Grace Notes 

Robert Buckeye  

Quarry Books No. 8

Fall  2010  


"To loose the restraint of education, to let hand and eye do what they will, and thus through them reveal [nature]." -- Stephan Mallarme

This is the story of Don Sunset who founded GRACE (Grass Roots Arts and Community Effort) in 1975, as an art program for residents of a nursing home in St. Johnsbury, VT. At his death in 2001, GRACE offers 500 workshops a year in nursing homes, mental institutions, schools and community centers - to the elderly, disabled, children and anyone who comes in the door.