Amandla Publishing: The Munch Case

The Munch Case  

Robert Buckeye  

165 p.  2003  


In 1908, Edvard Munch has a breakdown in Copenhagen.  After treatment, including electro-shocks, Munch stops drinking, gives up women and returns to a solitary life in Norway.  The novel traces Munch’s career up to that moment.

“Robert Buckeye’s work – whether he deals with intimate or far-flung geography – has an edge to it, an incisive lyric toughness that’s very much his own.  The voice has pace, rhythm, force.”  
-- Nicholas Delbanco.

“It is the novel Munch would have written about himself were he to have written instead of painted.”  -- The Review of Contemporary Fiction.

“A surprisingly vivid evocation of fin de siecle bohemianism, and of the curious mental condition of Edvard Munch.”  -- Sargasso.

“Reading it is like driving through a blizzard.  It haunted my dreams.” – Alicia Metcalf Miller.