Amandla Publishing: Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop

Robert Buckeye

71 p.  2001.  

Out of print.

     The title novella and a short story, “What Changes, What Remains.”  One asks how we know something we think we know.  The other asks how we know something we do not know.

     “All of whom don their masks for one another in order to fulfill roles they believe they have to play.  Buckeye focuses on this irony beautifully.  The escape from reality that is meant to be some sort of rediscovery of a preferred reality is ultimately merely temporary.”   -- The Review of Contemporary Fiction.  

     “You may have to keep reminding yourself it’s not poetry.  Beyond that distinction, it’s difficult to pin the prose here into any category because it is so surely lyrical, so rich with imagery.”  -- The Middlebury Magazine.

      “At the center of Buckeye’s clear, direct prose is moral memory.  All his life, from Cleveland to Vieques, he has been measuring the material world from the body out.  It is this rare combination of moral memory and materialism that makes Buckeye’s writing so compelling.”   --Kenneth Warren.

     “It’s beautiful writing, haunting SAD lovely.” – Eve Ensler.