Amandla Publishing: From Quarry Road

From Quarry Road

Paul Metcalf

Preface by Jonathan Williams.  
Edited and with an introduction 
by Robert Buckeye.   

100 p.  2002.  


Metcalf is an American original, a great grandson of Herman Melville, whose intent, like that of Walter Benjamin, was to write books in which he himself did not write a word.  He incorporates historical and cultural matter, documents of one kind or another, correspondence, the fiction and poetry of others.

“America is his subject and while, as Guy Davenport wrote Metcalf’s imagination is ‘oceanic,’ he attends to particulars.  Never more so than when he is quoting, which he does constantly and to maximum effect.  Metcalf does not parse or paraphrase,  He does not tell you what he knows, but points to how he knows it.  He is a man for gists and piths.”  
-- William Corbett.

  “[For Metcalf] writing is life, infused with time (rhythm), space (geography and the space of the page) and history (time), as opposed to the workshop, university writing, the precious no-risk writing, the language gamers....When will it be that students of literature will look to the nineteenth century and refer to Melville as the great-grandfather of Paul Metcalf?” 
-- Joe Napora.